Silicone Elastomer




Cyclopentosiloxane Gel for Silky Afterfeel
Description: Silicone crosspolymer gel consisting of cyclopentasiloxane and dimethicone (crosspolymers are aliphatic). Clear to slightly hazy gel. Insoluble in water.CAS: 541-02-6, 213629-14-2
INCI Name: Cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone crosspolymer

  • Improves the feel, aesthetic and elegance of skin and hair care products
  • Thick emollient that adds viscosity and substance to creams
  • Can be used as primer under makeup
  • Leaves a long lasting, silky smooth & powdery after-feel

Use: Add to oil phase of formulas or after formulation is completed. Typical use level: 1-20% as emollient in emulsions. Can also be used pure directly on the skin. For external use only.Applications: Creams, lotions, sunscreen, makeup, hair care.


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