Bees Wax




Natural Thickener with Emulsifying Properties
Description: Cosmetic grade bees wax, glandular excretion product from bees, composed of myricin (mixture of >70 wax esters) & cerin (mixture of fatty acids: palmitinic, cerotinic & melissinic acid), purity > 98%. White flakes, no or honey-like odor. Melting point 61-68°C/142-154°F. Soluble in oils & warm alcohol, insoluble in water and cold alcoholCAS: 8012-89-3INCI Name: Cera alba (bees wax)

  • Non-gelling natural thickener and viscosity enhancer
  • Has slight emulsifying properties
  • Has good emollient and film-forming properties

Use: Add to oil phase of formulas. Warm to 61-68°C/142-154°F for use. Typical use level 2-40%. For external use only.Applications: Creams, lotions, pomades, balms, ointments, lipsticks, mascara, foundations, eye shadows, cold creams, protective creams.


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