Repairing Conditioner for Damaged Hair
Description: Cationic quaternary ammonium compound (docosyltrimethylammonium chloride) made from colza oil (canola oil) with potent conditioning effect. Whole Foods Premium Body Care approved. White to off-white flakes, alcohol-like odor. Soluble in hot water or oil (85°C/185°F), pH: 6-8 (2% solution). Activity: 79-81% active substances.CAS: 17301-53-0, 64-17-5
INCI Name: Behentrimonium chloride, ethyl alcohol

  • Potent conditioner with antistatic & detangling properties
  • Able to restore & rebuild damaged hair (due to colza oil it does not coat but penetrates & substantiates the hair shaft)
  • Especially effective for softening coarse hair
  • Has some antimicrobial properties

Use: Use level 0.5-3 %, add pellets to warm water or oil (85°C) to melt, avoid overheating. For external use only.Applications: Hair conditioners, hair shampoos, hair rinses.Country of Origin: USARaw material source: Colza oil (canola oil)Manufacture: Behentrimonium chloride is produced from fatty acids obtained from colza oil (canola oil) and further “quaternized” by alkylation of tertiary amines to obtain a quaternary ammonium compound.


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