Xanthan Gum, Prehydrated




Natural Thickener & Viscosity Enhancer
Description: Natural gum derived as an excretion product from bacteriae (Xanthomas campestris), composed of pure natural polysaccharides (sugars) constituted of glucose, mannose & glucuronic acid. Purity >98%, White powder, oderless. Gluten-free. Soluble in cold or warm water.CAS: 11138-66-2INCI Name: Xanthan gum

  • Non-gelling thickener (but binds water) and viscosity enhancer
  • Provides volume and enhances foam in surfactants systems
  • Stabilizes emulsions
  • Has lubricant properties
  • Can act as suspending agent
  • Pre-hydrated for easy mixing

Use: Dissolve in warm water (ideally sprinkle slowly into water under constant high-speed stirring). Add propylene glycol or buylene glycol to the water phase (3parts glycol,1part xanthan gum) for best dispersion. Also adding up to 0.5% sodium chloride (salt) will increase the thickening effect. Typical use level 0.5-2%. For external use only.Applications: Shampoos, conditioners, lotions, creams, body washes, shower gels.


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